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As a fruit, persimmons are unassuming, hiding their potential for culinary brilliance under a bright green cap and delicate, pumpkin-colored peel. While most fruits are easy to harvest and prepare, the North American common persimmon is unique. Before baking with the fruit becomes a possibility, persimmon producers must develop a talent for choosing ripe produce and obtaining the delicate pulp inside.  When the perfect pulp is obtained, results are extraordinary: baked goods gain an indefinable flavor.  Everyday recipes become gourmet.  Eating becomes an event. And even more than that, local commerce is fostered, wild trees are respected, and the Southern Indiana persimmon tradition lives on.  So take the plunge.  Try a bite. Mmmm.  Savor a new experience.  Discover Persimmon Pleasures.


Persimmon Pulp

Indiana Artisan Product

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Persimmon Pudding

An Indiana favorite

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Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie t

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Dymple’s Delight and Bear Wallow Cookbooks

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