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All Seeds and Such products are made or grown in the U.S.A.

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Ready to give your back a break, give the perfect gift to your neighbor, or just give up collecting all together?  Try one of our gathering tools!  Each tool is highlighted and compared in the chart below.

Nut Wizard®

Brass Mower™



Best for


Tree Seeds



Round or oval objects

Spent Brass




Tree Seeds


Tree Seeds


Rolls on ground to pick up objects without downward pressure

5 sizes available with optional extension handle

Can collect multiple sizes of items

Will not retain sticks or leaves

Works in dirt, grass, and pavement

Extension Handle for portability

Gathers .22cal to a shotgun shell with one tool

Will not retain sticks or leaves

Works in dirt, grass, and pavement

Angled tines allow raking without downward pressure

21" or 9" head

Lightweight with an extra long handle for reaching under shrubbery

Available in 16", 24", and 36" widths to collect large areas at once

Great for collecting in fields, orchards, and other large well-groomed areas

Will collect small amount of sticks and leaves

Tag-A-Long model is designed to be  pulled behind a lawn tractor


4' wooden handle with optional 4' or 6' extension handle upgrade available

Basket holds 1.7 gallons, 1 gallon, 3 quarts, 1.5 quarts, or 1 quart, depending on size

4' or 6' extension handle collapses to 29" or 39", respectively

Basket holds about 300 9mm casings or 20 shotgun shells (1 quart capacity)

21" full size head or
9" shrub size head available

55" handle

Weighs less than 2 pounds

16", 24", or 36" widths

Barrell is approximately 16" in diameter; a handle or hitch extends to allow pushing or pulling, depending on model


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For raking leaves, mulch, rocks, and even enormous amounts of acorns, the Groundskeeper II gives your back a break.  This rake’s design surpasses many others on the market: while traditional rakes require bending over and using downward force to collect objects in a yard, the Groundskeeper II uses tines angled to grab the target without pressure.  Each rake is manufactured in the U.S.A. and carries a warranty against defects.  Each rake has a 55 inch fiberglass handle and either a 21 inch (full size) or 9 inch (shrub) head.  The Groundskeeper II weighs less than 2 pounds.

Full size (21” head)  $30

Shrub (9” head)        $30

Groundskeeper II Rakes

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